Keeping your attic ventilated is an integral part in maintaining your home, both in exterior and interior areas. By either installing rafter vents, fans, or keeping it naturally ventilated, you will be able to live a lot more comfortably and avoid costly repairs.

First of all, attic ventilation will affect the temperature inside your home. A vent that traps warm air will end up releasing this air through the rest of the house, causing you to spend more money from keeping your air conditioning on.

This same heat can affect your roofing as well. Apart from getting into the ventilation of the rest of your home, this trapped heat can create moisture in your attic. This can cause water damage to your ceilings and roof, and cause the structure to become defective. If you were to properly ventilate the attic, there won’t be a need to invest in thousands of dollars to fix your roof or repair the top structure of your home.

Another reason why you should ventilate your attic is in case ice dams can form under the roof. The snow in your gutters or at the bottom of your roof can start to melt when the hot air that has been trapped in your attic starts to melt it. As it melts, the cold temperature outside will cause it to form into ice dams. Once the weather outside begins to heat up, all this ice will melt. Some will simply drop down to the ground, but some will find its way under your roof. All this water can cause a lot of damage to your walls, roof, and ceilings. You might find leaks and extreme water damage, and it will be quite costly to repair or replace.

It’s important that you find a way to ventilate your attic so you avoid these more extreme issues. If you don’t, you might find yourself paying a whole lot more to fix the damages that result in an improperly ventilated attic.