Again wanting to touch on our recent “bang-for-your-buck” theme, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on real estate improvement. A great and inexpensive way to exponentially increase the value of your property is to build a carport. While a garage may be preferable, a carport can be more cost effective and just as functional. Carports can be built at single and multifamily family residential properties. They can also be built at office building properties. Carports provide weather protection, increased security and storage options. Carport structures can be constructed with timber and/or steel. It is important to insist that your contractor of choice builds the structure to comply with UL I90 wind uplift standards. Any time a property owner outlays cash for an improvement there is some uncertainty as to the future value of that investment. This is not one of those times! The positive return on a carport construction investment is a guarantee!