Most insurance companies place 365 day deadlines on hail & wind damage roof claims. This means that the insurance policy owner has 1 year from THE DATE OF LOSS to make the necessary claims. These deadlines limit the ability of the home/business owner to recover the depreciation that is held back from the original claim payment. The deadlines also prohibit the negotiation of supplements for increased material pricing or items that the original inspecting adjuster may have failed to include.

Many insurance companies offer the option to request a claim extension of 180 days. In most cases the extension request must me submitted in writing. Quite often an emailed request will suffice as long as the home/business owner includes the claim number in the email subject line.
The last major hail & wind storm to hit the DFW metroplex was April 3, 2014. As we near the date of loss, keep the deadline in mind as it may very well behoove policy holders to promptly request extensions on their roof replacement claims.