In light of this current winter storm mess that we are experiencing, we at Accede wanted to drop a quick note about the importance of roof maintenance when the North Texas “Wintery-Mix” rears its ugly head.

Most Metroplex roof systems are not equipped to properly protect our homes from the threats that ice can present.  As opposed to our northern counterparts, our roofs are not thoroughly flashed or adequately underlayed to withstand the damage an icepack can do.  For this reason, for a limited time only, we are offering free inspections to ensure that your roof has withstood this current storm and will properly protect in future ice storms.  While we inspect for ice, sleet & snow damage we will also inspect for hail damage, which as we all know is quite prevalent in our area.  Call us at 1.844.ACCEDE1 anytime to schedule your free inspection.  This is a limited offering.

~ Jess Marshall


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