The advantages of installing a standing seam steel are numerous & undeniable. I call these super roofs. If you’re building a new home or building this is the way to go. If you’re in need of a replacement roof system nothing will protect your home or building better. Standing seam roof systems are hail & wind resistant. They are also completely reflective – no matter what color is installed. Additionally, due to its toughness, the super roof will garner its owners yearly insurance policy discounts of up to 30%. The decision to install a super roof is a true no-brainer. I always stress the “bang for your buck” advantages of property improvements when I post. Although the initial investment to install a super roof is substantial, this investment dividends are calculable & patently undisputable. Energy savings, insurance premium savings & the fact that this will be the last roof your will ever install – these are the reason why super roofs are super!