Radiant barrier is a misunderstood entity to say the least. Most contractors have a limited working knowledge of radiant barrier, how it’s installed, what it costs or even how it works. As always, my intent with this blog is to boost your bang-for-the-buck quotient.

Let’s start with what DOESN’T work. Sprayed on “reflective” paint does not work! It is snake oil. The sprayed product collects dust and the consistency with which it is applied cannot be regulated or effectively controlled.

If money was not issue, the most effective form of radiant barrier is the deck adhered product. This is most often installed when a roof is set to be replaced due to hail damage, wind damage or wear/tear. Where normally the shingles are removed and then the new shingles are fastened to the existing decking, when the radiant barrier is installed the old decking is removed. New 7/16” OSB decking with the radiant barrier foil shield laminated to one side is then clipped and nailed into place and then roofed over.

If the roof does not need to be replaced the next best option is a retrofit product. The retrofit radiant barrier is stapled in and throughout the roof rafters. This process is time consuming and requires a good amount of preparation and attention – but it’s very effective.

Keep a few things in mind when considering radiant barrier…
-If your home has south and/or west tree shade cover you may not gain much benefit or energy savings from the installation of any form of radiant barrier.
-Radiant barrier requires adequate intake and exhaust ventilation.
-Standing seam steel panel roof systems (no matter their color) are completely reflective which would render a radiant barrier system completely ineffective.
-Radiant barrier works all year long and some studies have suggested that it may to retain heat in the colder months.
-If considering a radiant barrier redeck – make sure to also request quotes for standing seam roof installation as a standing seam system is not only reflective but also wind & hail resistant.

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