Residential Roof repair & replacement Service

First thing to do look for a local Roofing contractor. The guys who chase storms from state to state will gone should a problem arise with your new roof. Most will do the minimum when it comes to the work because they know they can’t honor a warranty. Also they will not know local building codes. All of these issues will leave you paying more out of pocket to fix their mistakes.

Roof repair & Insurance Claims

Most insurance companies will let you pick what roofing repair contractor you want. Be careful of so called traveling contractors. Deal with a local DFW Roofing contractor piece of mind and a local warranty. Not someone pressuring you to sign a contract on that day. No legitimate contractor will use high pressure sales tactics.

Wind Damage to RoofWait! Don’t File a Claim

Don’t just file an insurance claim for your roofing hail damage. If you file a claim and there is not enough damage to cover the deductible, the insurance company will pay nothing, but that claim will still count against you. You should contact a local qualified roofing contractor, to inspect your roof and inform you if there is enough damage to file a claim. If the contractor informs you there is severe damage and a high probability of damage and leaking then have a tarp installed quickly. They are ugly but so is water damage from inside your home. Your insurance will cover the cost.