Wind Damage to Roof

Most people don’t experience wind damage to their roofs, since they are designed to withstand these situations. However, this does not mean that roofs are impervious to wind damage. When winds become more powerful and chaotic, such as in a tornado or hurricane, it’s very possible for roofs to get damaged. Once you know your roof has been damaged by strong winds, it’s important that you get it repaired right away. Ignoring the problem can diminish the structure of the roof, as well as lead to water damage.

Since most roofs are made to hold up against strong winds, detecting the damage may be tricky. When examining the roof, try and notice whether there are any shingles that have broken off or have been shifted. Strong winds usually move around in various directions, so it causes a peeling effect on your roof. It will almost pull the shingles up, causing it to break or move.

You should also see whether foreign objects have impacted the roof, such as trees or flying objects from your or your neighbor’s lawns. You might notice branches or broken shards if this had indeed happened. These foreign objects can just as well damage the roof, so it’s important to check all areas of it when you notice the shards.

If parts of the roof have indeed been damaged, you will see debris in your gutters and drains. Not only does this provide roof damage detection, but will also need to be cleaned out if you don’t want clogs.

Wind damage might not seem that detrimental, but you don’t often see structural cracks or shifts after these events. It’s highly recommended that you call a maintenance professional to examine your roof if you do notice these small indications. Doing so can save you a lot of trouble from further structural or water damage that may ensue.